Cergentis & Princess Máxima Center collaborate on MRD test development for leukaemia and solid tumours

13 September 2018

Cergentis & the Princess Máxima Center for pediatric oncology (the specialised national center for care, cure and research of children with cancer in the Netherlands) have initiated various collaborations in which breakpoint sequences identified with Cergentis’ TLA Technology are used for the design of sensitive & quantitative minimal residual disease (MRD) and/or circulating tumour DNA tests.


MRD tests are instrumental to make informed therapy decisions. MRD tests are currently frequently based on TCR/IGH rearrangements.  Gene-fusion breakpoint based MRD tests promise to increase the number of patients that can be monitored and to further increase the diagnostic quality of MRD tests.


Gene-fusion breakpoint sequences also promise to enable the sensitive quantification of circulating tumour DNA and become a powerful method to determine response to therapy.  


Cergentis’ current partners include the research groups led by Roland Kuiper, Monique den Boer, Lieve Tytgat and Jules Meijerink.


For an application note about TLA and gene-fusion based MRD testing click here.

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