Max van Min, MSc

Chief Executive Officer

Max van Min received a Master of Science degree in Biotechnology from Wageningen University & Research Centre and has worked in commercial management positions at Keygene and the life sciences multinational DSM. He is co-inventor of the TLA technology. 


Erik Splinter, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Erik Splinter has, both at the Erasmus MC and the Hubrecht Institute,  worked extensively on the development and optimization of technologies for the analysis of 3D structures of human genomes. He has co-authored more than 25 peer-reviewed publications in, among others, Genes & Development, Molecular Cell, and Nature Genetics.


Marieke Simonis, PhD

Head of Bioinformatics


Marieke Simonis performed her doctoral training at the Erasmus MC, where she developed protocols and analyses methods for 3C based technologies. She performed her post-doctoral work at the Hubrecht Institute, specializing in bioinformatics and the analysis and interpretation of Next Generation Sequencing data. She has co-authored in, among others, Nature Genetics and Nature Methods.


Petra Klous, MSc

Customer Support


Petra has many years of practical experience working as a research technician at the Erasmus MC and as a lab manager at the Hubrecht Institute. She has worked on different research projects on the 3D organization of the genome and contributed to the development and optimization of new techniques. She joined Cergentis after receiving a Masters degree in Cancer Genomics and Developmental Biology from Utrecht University.


Mehmet Yilmaz, BSc

Product Developer


Mehmet Yilmaz received a Bachelors degree in Life Sciences with a minor in Microbiology from the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht, The Netherlands. He was one of the first technicians to join Cergentis and has worked extensively on the optimization of the TLA protocol on both cells and isolated genomic DNA.


Bastiaan Bijl, MSc

Sales Manager

Bastiaan received a Bachelors degree in Biomedical Sciences and a Masters degree in Science and Business Management from Utrecht University. Prior to joining Cergentis, he worked as a pricing analyst for Staples and as a management consultant at Accenture, Amsterdam.



Judith Bergboer, PhD

Scientific Account Manager


Judith Bergboer received her PhD in human genetics and molecular biology from the Radboud University Nijmegen. She performed her post-doctoral studies at Harvard Medical School, where she generated and studied several transgenic and mutant zebrafish lines. She has co-authored in, among others, PLoS Genetics and Nature Genetics.


Irina Sergeeva, PhD

Project Scientist


Irina Sergeeva received her Ph.D. in molecular biology at the University of Amsterdam, where she studied the mechanisms of cardiac hypertrophy and repair. She generated several transgenic mouse reporter lines for in vitro and in vivo analysis, and used 4C-seq technology to study gene regulation in the heart.


Elaine Wong, PhD

Project Scientist


Elaine Wong studied Biomedical Sciences at Utrecht University. She received a PhD in molecular biology at the University of Amsterdam, where she studied the transcriptional pathways in the development of the heart. She developed and optimized technologies for the identification of whole-genome protein-DNA binding profiles.


Melinda Aprelia, BSc

Research Technician / Product Developer


Melinda Aprelia received her Bachelor degree in Life Sciences from HAN University of Applied Sciences in Nijmegen. She worked previously as a research technician at the UMC Utrecht and the Netherlands Cancer Institute, where she worked on several projects to understand the molecular mechanism of cell division in response to DNA damage.

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