Gene Sequencing

Gene Sequencing

Conventional approaches for targeted sequencing are hypothesis-driven, largely miss intronic genetic variation and will fail to identify a large share of structural variants. On the other hand, Cergentis' TLA technology enables hypothesis-neutral, complete sequencing of any genomic locus using a single primer pair. TLA thereby enables the identification of all genetic variations in loci of interest.

The TLA technology is highly flexible. Any genomic region of interest can be sequenced by simply using one primer pair complementary to a short locus-specific sequence.

In addition, TLA enables haplotyping across large physical distances, both with short- and long-read sequencing technologies.*

* Cergentis does not currently offer this as a routine service. 

Phasing information of 307 SNVs across a 711 kb region spanning the entire CFTR gene and surrounding sequences. 
An overview of circular TLA template and generated linear TLA amplicons. Since both will consist of sequences originating from different positions within the same allele, paired end and long read sequencing of TLA amplicons enables haplotyping across large physical distances.
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