Don’t just take our word for it - see what some of our customers say about us.

"We have been working with Cergentis on a number of projects. Each project was carried out timely, precise, and without friction. For sure we are happy customers."

Trianni, Inc.
Gloria Esposito, PhD - Chief Technology Officer

"For the last project that Cergentis carried out for us (random insertion transgenic), a genotyping protocol was developed by our external genotyping partner without issue and homozygous transgenes were identified. This is a significant plus for us to have confidence that the insertion event is not likely to cause any other gene effect, and also to identify homozygotes without test breeding is a big positive in reducing the amount of animals needed for that step."

Stevenage, UK
Steve Wilson, IVSD Manager

"Using the innovative TLA approach, Cergentis has mapped the integration sites of transgenes of several mouse lines generated by our team. The customer service was outstanding, and the service was completed professionally. The extended data from the TLA analyses have been instrumental in the design of better genotyping protocols and a variety of subsequent genetic studies."

Wayne State University School of Medicine
Dr. Kay-Uwe Wagner, Professor of Oncology

"TLA has become an indispensable tool to characterize transgene insertion events and complex gene targeting approaches."

Dr. Jochen Welcker - Director Molecular Biology & Scientific Development

"We perform gene editing in primary human immune cells for basic research, drug discovery, and to develop new cell therapies. Cergentis has helped us characterize the on- and off-target integrations when non-virally targeting new genetic material into human T cells with CRISPR, aiding our push towards clinical translation."

University of California, San Francisco
Alexander Marson, MD, PhD - Director of the Gladstone-UCSF Institute of Genomic Immunology

"Working with the team at Cergentis has allowed us to add an extra dimension to the analysis of our stable cell lines. Their understanding of our needs combined with the reliability and reproducibility of TLA analysis has resulted in a number of successful projects."

Teva Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Teresa Domagala - Senior Director

"We worked together with Cergentis and applied TLA-based solutions to facilitate the complete genetic characterization of our vector-producing clones and final medicinal products. By uniquely combining integrity assessment of the entire vector with integration analysis, TLA helped us QC insert integrity throughout the entire production chain and these data completed our clinical study dossier for TEG001. As such, TLA played a key role in helping us establish a valuable framework for future GTMPs. The service of Cergentis was timely, accurate and pleasant." 

University Medical Center Utrecht
Trudy Straetemans, PhD - Assistant Professor - Center of Translational Immunology

"TLA analysis has proven to be very useful to quality control genetically engineered cell lines”

Dr. John Wiseman - Director

"TLA is a highly efficient method for mapping the insertion site of any transgene.”

Dr. Søren Warming - Director, Senior Principal Scientist

"Cergentis quickly determined transgene insertion for three out of three lines along with providing information on deletions and rearrangements in chromosomal DNA at the site. The service was quick, accurate and reasonably priced, and reports were complete and helpful.”

Harvard University
Prof. Dr. Joshua Sanes - Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology

"Thank you so much. Data about the structural changes in our patient are very clear. Really powerful technology!”

University of Turin
Prof. Dr. Alfredo Brusco - Department of Medical Sciences

"TLA outperforms traditional methods used in CHO cell line characterisation and provides higher resolution and sensitivity.”

Dr. Stefanie Bartels - Project Leader (Cell Line Development)
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