Cell Line Development

Cell Line Development

Cell lines such as Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells are used in the development and production of therapeutic proteins. Ensuring correct genetic engineering is important in various stages of cell line development.

Cergentis' cutting-edge Targeted Locus Amplification (TLA) technology is widely used in all stages of cell line development, empowering:


Cergentis routinely supports the majority of leading pharmaceutical companies in their (CHO) cell line development process. Through this, we have established our position as a trusted partner in the genetic analysis of genetically engineered pharmaceutical cell lines. Our team has in-depth experience analyzing genetic alterations in various forms. Moreover, we offer detailed reporting suitable for use in the regulatory application for pharmaceuticals for human use, according to FDA and EMA expectations (CTD Quality module, section 3.2.S.2.3.).


TLA analyses identify:

  • Genomic position(s) of transgene integration(s)
  • Single nucleotide variants in transgene sequence
  • Structural changes in transgene and integration site(s)
  • Genetic alterations resulting from targeted (trans)gene editing


In addition to TLA, Cergentis offers a portfolio of services to further characterize your candidate cell bank, including:



For more information on our services and how we may support your project, please contact our sales team.

Example of an NGS coverage profile across a transgene. A large part of the transgene has been sequenced with > 1000x coverage (i.e. with at least 1000 NGS reads). Y-axis shows NGS coverage, cut-off at 1000x. X-axis shows the position within the transgene sequence.
Example of a table with identified single nucleotide variants and indels in a transgene sequence.
Examples of whole-genome integration site analyses in the CHO genome. The top 50 scaffolds with NGS coverage are shown. The identified TLA coverage peaks, indicative of an integration event, are clearly visible. The left plot shows a sample with a single integration site in scaffold 1. The plot on the right shows a sample with 2 integrations: 1 in scaffold 8, the other in scaffold 28.
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