Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering

With a dedicated team of PhD-level scientists and nearly a decade of experience in the field, Cergentis is your trusted partner for the complete characterization of genetically engineered cell lines, animal and cell therapy products.

The results of genetic engineering can be evaluated by the TLA technology, because of the unique ability of the TLA technology to perform targeted complete Next Generation Sequencing and detect all single nucleotide variants and structural variants across 100kb in a single experiment.

The TLA technology can be applied to determine:

  • All sequence changes resulting from targeted genome editing
  • All transgene integration sites
  • Structural changes surrounding transgene integration sites
  • Single nucleotide variants in a transgene sequence
  • Structural changes in a transgene sequence


TLA data is widely used in the selection and characterization of genetically engineered cell lines and animals and has been widely used in support of publications. Moreover, Cergentis studies are performed and reported to be acceptable for regulatory filing in accordance with FDA and EMA requirements (CTD module 3.2.S.2.3.). 

Our expertise lies in the analysis of (complex) genetic engineering projects in various organisms and sample types, including CHO, human cell lines (T cells, HEK293, HeLa, etc.) and transgenic animals (mice, rats, goats, pigs, etc.).

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