TLA Kits for Oncology

Cergentis will soon be able to provide the following TLA kits for oncology applications:

  • Kits for TLA template generation from FFPE material for in-house enrichment with conventional enrichment protocols.
  • Kits for TLA template generation and subsequent enrichment, including all reagents and primers for the analysis of individual genes.


The advantages of generating TLA template before enrichment are described in:

 TLA for FFPE tumour samples


Kits can be tailored to any gene or combination of genes, and are designed in close consultation with our customers. 


Enrichment options are circular PCR,  linear PCR and Capture. The choice for an enrichment method depends on the required level of multiplexing, input material quality and quantity and customer preferences.

Our kits for oncology

  • Suitable for various enrichment protocols
  • Contain all reagents for execution of TLA protocol
  • Tailored to any gene or combination of genes
  • Designed in close consultation with customer
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