Empowering Precision Medicine

Cancer is a genetic disease that affects millions of patients and is often difficult and costly to treat. Precise detection of all relevant mutations for patient stratification, prognosis and targeted therapy selection, and precise monitoring of disease development and therapy response are very important to give each patient the best possible treatment.

Our Targeted Locus Amplification (TLA) technology empowers the use of next generation sequencing (NGS) in cancer precision medicine. TLA products improve the quality of cancer research, cancer genetic diagnostics and ctDNA liquid biopsy tests.

Complete cancer gene sequencing to detect all relevant mutations

Complete cancer gene sequencing for precise detection of all relevant mutations, both small mutations and structural variation, is highly relevant for different applications in oncology:

  • Detecting gene fusions with recurrent and novel fusion partners
  • Determining the gene fusion breakpoints at DNA level, which can serve as a robust and sensitive marker for ctDNA monitoring
  • Complete sequencing of tumor suppressor genes to detect all mutations including deletions and promoter/intronic events
  • Analyzing complex rearrangements, genomic events underlying CNVs and novel resistance mechanisms


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