Frequently Asked Questions



  • Can TLA determine the number of integration events per sample?
  • Would TLA be able to provide the position of integration sites and, if in coding regions, which genes?
  • How many integrations sites can TLA detect?
  • Can TLA detect integration sites of both the transgene and the backbone?
  • For targeted knock-ins, how good is the technology at detecting (rare) off-target insertions? Are there any instances where off-target were missed?
  • Do you have experience with larger vectors such as BACs?
  • Will the presence of ectopic plasmid DNA confound and interfere with TLA analysis? How do you discriminate variants in true genomic integration results from non-integrated ones?

    In-house solutions

  • What are the advantages of opting for in-house solution CHOice for CHO clone selection?
  • What is included in your CHOice in-house solution?


  • Do you provide the raw data from the samples you run, such that we could do further analysis in-house?

    Customer support

  • Do you have offices outside of the Netherlands?
  • Can Cergentis help with the shipment of our sample(s)?

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