TLA Technology

Cergentis’ Targeted Locus Amplification (TLA) technology constitutes a paradigm shift by, uniquely, enabling targeted and complete gene sequencing.


The TLA technology uses the physical proximity of nucleotides within a locus of interest as the basis of selection. As a result, TLA enables the targeted complete enrichment and sequencing of any locus or (trans)gene of interest and allows for detection of all single nucleotide variants (SNVs) and structural variants. Cergentis published the TLA technology in Nature Biotechnology in 2014 (see publications).


The TLA technology can be applied on cells, HMW DNA and FFPE tumour biopsies. 


More on TLA for cells & HMW DNA                            More on TLA for FFPE


In combination with paired-end sequencing or long-read sequencing technologies, TLA also enables the comprehensive haplotyping of analysed loci.*


* Cergentis does not currently offer this as a routine service. For more information please contact sales.

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