A single NGS-based solution for (CHO) clone selection and comprehensive characterization of transgene integrity, clonality and stability for cell line development

TLA is widely recognized as an unmatched analytical tool capable of yielding complete and in-depth genetic insights. Among its various applications, TLA has repeatedly shown its relevance in cell line development. Thanks to its unique capabilities, leading biotech and pharmaceutical companies are now adopting TLA as their preferred genetic characterization assay.

This webinar gives a birds-eye view of our latest developments and newest offering. Furthermore, we elaborate on the way by which TLA regularly supports our customers with clone selection, MCB characterization and assessing genetic stability of GMP-grade lines.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • Principle of TLA and its deliverables
  • Common challenges in (CHO) cell line development and the role of TLA-based solution for complete and robust genetic QC
  • Applications of TLA in clone selection and MCB characterization
  • Assessment of monoclonality and genetic stability for regulatory (FDA/EMA) filing with TLA extended reporting

For an overview of the publications cited in the presentation, click here

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