NGS-based characterization of transgene insertion for manufacturing of vector producer cell lines and immunotherapy products

Genetic characterization is essential in confirming the safety and efficacy of both upstream viral vector production and the production of immunotherapy products.

TLA is widely recognized as an unmatched analytical tool capable of yielding complete and in-depth genetic insights. Among its various applications, TLA has repeatedly shown its relevance in the fields of cell and gene therapy. Due to the high-quality data generated by TLA, both cell and gene therapy companies and academic groups use TLA to perform in-depth characterization of their R&D, pre-clinical and pre-manufacturing cell samples.

This webinar is intended to provide insight into the practical applications of TLA in both cell and gene therapy and give a concise overview of our TLA-based solutions, latest developments and publications.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • Principles of TLA and its deliverables
  • Common challenges in cell and gene therapy development
  • The role of TLA in the characterization of genetically engineered immunotherapeutic cells
  • The importance of TLA in clinical cell therapy developments
  • The role of TLA in the characterization of viral vector producing cell lines

For an overview of the publications cited in the presentation, click here

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