Robust Detection of Translocations in FFPE Biopsies: Application in Lymphoma Diagnostics

The robust detection of translocations has important implications for diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy decisions in aggressive B-cell lymphomas.

In this webinar, recorded May 20th 2020, Daphne de Jong (Amsterdam University Medical Center) and Bauke Ylstra (Amsterdam UMC) mention about:

  • Limitations of conventional technologies for the detection of structural variations
  • Advantages of TLA technology over FISH
  • Benefits of TLA approach in the analysis of crosslinked formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples
  • Ease-of-use of TLA - as a single DNA-based test - to detect all clinically relevant single nucleotide variants and translocations


Following a study performed on more than 100 lymphoma FFPE samples from several clinical sites, Bauke Ylstra highlights the promise of TLA-based panel assay for the robust detection of structural variants (e.g., translocation analysis) in lymphoma diagnostics and in other cancers.

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