Unbiased and complete sequencing of transgenic and genome edited loci using TLA

In this webinar, recorded May 6 2020, we discuss our TLA technology and its applications in the complete next generation sequencing of transgenic and genome-edited models. We elaborate on the range of genome engineering applications in which TLA provides an excellent approach for genetic characterization and touch upon examples including BAC integration site analysis, (allele-specific) structural variant analysis and targeted knockouts using CRISPR.

The following subjects are highlighted:

  • Principles of TLA
  • Applications of TLA in complete, hypothesis-free locus sequencing
  • Characterising all SNVs and (large) structural variant in loci >100kb
  • Transgene integration site(s) identification
  • Examples of the use of TLA in genome engineering

For an overview of the publications cited in the presentation, click here for genome editing and here for transgenic models . 

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